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B E C K Y & J A C K

An outstanding October wedding, with ALL the weather!

Becky & Jack had both planned their day around the people and the things that they both LOVE, and to me, that is exactly how it should be done. October can be a tricky month to pin down weather wise, but with a day that revolves around you two, whether you have wind, rain or shine (we had all 3!), you just make the best of everything!

The bridal morning was held at Becky and Jack's home, as we were a little un-lucky with a lot of rain in the morning, we decided to save most of the bridesmaid and family shots until we were at the venue.

The gorgeous Upton Barn nr. Collumpton was their venue of choice, and even in October, you can see their lush gardens and botanical setting made for some truly one of a kind moments. The sun-set we were granted at the end of the day was one of the shots they both had wanted to try and capture. You can never promise certain shots, especially if weather dependant, but we really did luck out here.

Enjoy looking through their day!

L x

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