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** H A R R I E T T & K E L V I N **

The utterly G O R G E O U S winter wedding of Harriet and Kelvin was an utter delight from start to finish.

Winter weddings are always so lovely to shoot especially one such as this, set in the beautiful Deer Park near Hontion, Somerset. The setting was still so lush and mood inducing, with the main house providing a stunning backdrop to many of the couple photographs we captured.

Occasionally a wedding in winter can hinder outdoor photographs with the weather proving unpredictable, however not only was it dry, the sun came through just as the ceremony was ending, allowing the most gorgeous of backdrops for the pictures in the grounds.

The stunning ceremony room, quirky house and grounds lent itself beautifully for the family and couple photographs. If you are considering a winter wedding, something to remember is that usually the light will start to fade around 4pm, therefore the group shots will have to be set up indoors. A gorgeous Christmassy room or fireplace can be a wonderful background, and with our extensive studio lighting, will still grab those lovely formal shots.

The day ended with an emotional father daughter dance, and of course the first dance, which really set the tone for the band to kick in!

A thoroughly wonderful wedding, and such a natural lovely couple. W.H.A.T A D.A.Y!

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