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L A U R A & S E A N

The utterly breathtaking Laura and Sean.

This stunning August wedding was a true demonstration of everything I love about a wedding. Laura was actually the third sibling within the space of 18 months to have me as her wedding photographer, and what a privilege it was.

The bridal morning and grooms men were covered by myself and my second shooter, as I always say, unless you are in the same venue, two shooters is a bonus if you and your partner would like each morning captured.

Their beautiful church ceremony was a joy to shoot- as a slightly darker church, we really benefitted from two shooters, so could make the most of the rear and front cameras.

Berkeley Castle really was the venue of dreams. The sunny, warm weather was incredibly complimentary to the grounds, and the grand venue allowed for too many outdoor shots to count! The wedding breakfast room was set out in S U C H a beautiful manner, with the high ceilings and rustic tables looking dreamy.

Right before first dance, seasoned whisky drinkers were treated to a whisky cellar taste and tour, and my was that fun... and dangerous!

A totally beautiful day was the best finale to the wedding day, I just wish we could do it all over again!

L x

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