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R I C K I E & J O S H

Quirky, beautiful and full of character. Three ways to sum up Rickie and Josh's insanely amazing wedding at Brympton House.

The entire day was set at Brympton, which always allows for a lovely dose of extra time at the venue, capturing and observing certain things that are sometimes missed when travel time to and from the ceremony (etc.) is needed.

The entire morning the sky threatened us with snow- and although a few flakes fell, and yes it was that cold (!), everyone was in SUCH great spirits that it really did not matter!

Rickie and her crew were SO much fun to be around for the morning, and once the boys arrived, I was pretty much covering the ground of both parties, which I loved!

Rickie was dressed by none other than Jasper Conran himself (in a Jasper Conran dress), what an amazing way to kick off the wedding.

The sumptuous setting of the ceremony was dreamy, and made for some incredible photographs.

After some very cold confetti, romantic couple shots and the group shots were completed that was me done for the day! I always offer to tailor packages to individual couples and this is a perfect case of that. Rickie and Josh didn't want the speeches and rest of the evening captured formally, which really suits some people. Never hesitate to ask!

I love this final set, ENJOY!

L x

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